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Installing A New Security Door

A security door is a great way to give you some added peace of mind regarding the safety of your home. A conspicuous security door fitted to the exterior of your main door will often be enough to put potential intruders off. If you have purchased a new security door with this in mind, this article looks at the process of installing it as part of a DIY project.


It is worth bearing in mind that the security screens and doors are heavy to lift. As you will be moving the door to get measurements during this job, it is a good idea to get a friend or a family member to assist you during the project. It won’t take up too much of their time and will help you to avoid any accidents or injuries.

Begin Assembling The Handles

Many security doors come with handles and locks that …

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Factors To Consider During Window Repairs

Windows are an important part of a building’s aesthetic, safety, and functional characteristics. Unfortunately, their close proximity to human traffic and the high frequency of use makes them prone to breakage. Skilled and experienced repair personnel should repair broken or shattered windows in order to avoid the risk of injury from glass pieces or insecurity due to shoddy repair work. The majority of window repair jobs involve glass replacement, sash replacement, frame reinforcement, window grill installation, sliding mechanism repair, and replacement of hinges and joints. Although window repair depends on many factors, the main ones are:

  1. The type of window – Most windows are glass made with several other materials. Wood, plastic composites and metal also contribute to window construction. The type of material used to make the window determines the repair action needed. Wooden windows are an easy fix provided there is a hammer and some nails. However, metal
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